Vigoroot Potato and Tomato Planter Bag - XVGC09V1

Vigoroot Potato and Tomato Planter Bag - XVGC09V1

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  • Vigoroot Potato and Tomato Planter Bag

  • Vigoroot are not ordinary planting bags: the special Vigoroot material helps you grow stronger, healthier and more yielded plants. Rumbling, Hans from the fairytale "Hans and the bean tendril" has allowed his bean tendrils to climb in one of the Haxnicks plant bags. The secret of the Vigoroot material lies in its ability to give roots an air cut and thus ensure stronger root formation and higher nutrient absorption. Powerful root growth also ensures that your plants are better prepared against harsh weather, pests and diseases.

    The high-tech fabric of these plant bags is normally used in the professional field and has the property that once they hit the fabric, the roots of a plant stop growing. This encourages the plant to form new roots again and again. In addition, round growth, the associated solid bunion formation and the possible necessary repotting of the plants through the bags are prevented.

    The bags can be easily used for three to six years (depending on the weather) and at the end of the season simply cleaned with cold water and a brush, dried and then stored away to save space until next year.

    Perfect for patios, balconies and small gardens. Ideal for potatoes and tomatoes, but also for other root vegetables.

    The plant bag comes with instructions for potato and tomato cultivation and many other useful tips.

    Diameter: 35 cm.
    Height: 45 cm.
    Capacity: 40 litres.

    Vigoroot Potato and Tomato Planter Bag - XVGC09V1