Hunter Company Wired Rain-Clik Rain Sensor - QTCQ9FII

Hunter Company Wired Rain-Clik Rain Sensor - QTCQ9FII

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Product Code: QTCQ9FII

  • To maximize water savings, built in Quick Response Technology shuts off irrigation when rainfall is first detected

  • Adjustable vent ring allows for shorter or longer reset period

  • Rugged polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm

  • Includes gutter bracket and wall mount with wireless models

  • Includes 25' of 20 AWG sheathed, two conductor, UL approved wire.Compatible with most normally closed irrigation controllers

  • Most rain-sensing devices work by measuring a predetermined amount of rainfall before activating a switch that halts irrigation. During this accumulation time, the system will unnecessarily continue to water. This can look especially bad for conservation-conscious municipalities, businesses, and residences. With built-in Quick Response Technology, the Hunter Wired Rain-Clik Rain Sensor can command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain. Mount the sensor on an eave or a flat, vertical surface such as a wall or fence. An optional gutter mount is available to install the sensor on the edge of a gutter.

    Hunter Company Wired Rain-Clik Rain Sensor - QTCQ9FII