ARS Cut and Hold Telescopic Pruner Silver Red 1800-3000 mm - EHHT0F39

ARS Cut and Hold Telescopic Pruner Silver Red 1800-3000 mm - EHHT0F39

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  • HEAVY DUTY CUTTING TOOL: The cutting blade is made out of high carbon steel, using this material on our blades will increase durability and retain sharpness in order to let you shear for longer. A sturdy metal blade is designed to facilitate cutting through tougher branches and plant stems. Lasting pruning secateurs are an essentials item for all garden lovers, with ARS you know you're getting the best of the best!

  • ESSENTIAL TELESCOPIC ARM: Long handled secateurs make gardening much more enjoyable, at 1800mm-3000mm length, these secateurs are giving you the chance to decide what length you need for the specific gardening tasks. Long reach secateurs are essential for a gardening tool set, there will always be plants or twigs that are harder to reach which is why you should give these telescopic pruners a go!

  • RED ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Safety comes first with ARS hence, we have moulded a red grip to these scissors to give a non slip surface when in use. The bright red grip adds a very aesthetic look to the garden tool and make them very identifiable in your tool box! An Ergonomic approach was taken to shape the handle to fit perfectly around your hand for added comfort when using these long handle garden tools.

  • PREMIUM FINISH: A high quality look and feel is achieved by beautifully finishing the blade with chrome plating. Chrome plating adds extra protection against rust and corrosion therefore these garden snippers will still perform excellently even after extensive use. Invest in these stunning gardening pruners for a premium product to display in your tool box.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT SWING HEAD: Pruning shears like these need a swing head! We've included this feature so that you can get the angle you want in order to make your outdoor tasks easier and time efficient. The swing head is made out of aluminium for a robust set of garden snips thats are also lightweight, your arms and wrists won't get tired whilst using this tool. Grab yourself a pair of telescopic pruners that do the work for you!

  • Brand ARS
    Colour Silver/Red
    Item weight 2.75 Pounds
    Item dimensions L x W x H 193 x 10.2 x 2.5 centimetres

    ARS Cut and Hold Telescopic Pruner Silver Red 1800-3000 mm - EHHT0F39