Antelco Spectrum PK10 - CWBYVAQN

Antelco Spectrum PK10 - CWBYVAQN

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Product Code: CWBYVAQN

  • Full Circle umbrella pattern up to 50cm range

  • Barbed fitting - fits 4mm Internal Diameter Micro Pipe

  • Adjustable flow - from on to off.

  • 4" Spike mount

  • Can be taken apart for cleaning

  • The Antelco Spectrum 360 Spike is an adjustable emitter with a full circle vortex spray pattern. The flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap. Features Finger-tip flow control with shut-off option. Spike model to anchor Spectrum at the plant. Fits into pipe with an internal diameter of 4mm. Made of UV stabilised materials for long life. Can be taken apart for cleaning. 64 l/ph flow ( 100kpa and fully open) 2.8m diameter distribution (100kpa and fully open) Applications Pots, tubs, ground cover, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Waters large garden areas when used with Asta Stakes and risers.

    Antelco Spectrum PK10 - CWBYVAQN