Antelco Micro Spray Jet Quater Circle. - BKRK05S5

Antelco Micro Spray Jet Quater Circle. - BKRK05S5

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Product Code: BKRK05S5

  • Micro Spray - Quarter Circle Pattern

  • Threaded base fitting - 4mm micro size

  • Up to 1.5M Spray Radius - 15 l/hr

  • Fit on micro tube or risers, can be held on place with stakes.

  • Compatible with Hozelock and all major micro irrigation systems

  • Antelco Winged Micro Spray Jets are easy to install sprinklers suitable for use within a micro irrigation system. This sprinkler has a 90 degree spray range for effective and easy watering. With the ability to water a radius of 3.1m (dependent on water pressure available), this sprinkler is suitable for watering plants in pots, containers, beds, borders and a variety of other garden locations. The sprinkler is made out of UV stabilised materials to prevent deterioration when in use. This sprinkler should be inserted directly into a Rigid Riser or if height adjustment is not required it can be used with the Stake Adaptor. These both click into the Stake to give a secure hold for the emitter

    Antelco PArt Number 14115

    Antelco Micro Spray Jet Quater Circle. - BKRK05S5